Why Should Businesses Deploy SIP Trunking?

07 May / Why Should Businesses Deploy SIP Trunking?

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SIP Trunking is a more efficient and cost effective way to connect your enterprise PBX system and enhance overall feature functionality.  In this post I want to outline a few of the key advantages of SIP trunking and discuss why you should consider deploying SIP trunking today.

Flexibility / Scalability – SIP trunks allow the customer to scale in single line or individual call session increments.  This is different from traditional telephony or PRI’s where the customer has to purchase a full bundle of 23 lines.  With traditional PRI’s if a customer only needs 10 lines to support their business they are required to purchase a full 23 lines, paying for an extra 13 unused lines.  With SIP trunking the customer can scale in single line or trunk increments so you only pay for what you use.

Installation Timing – Because SIP trunks are virtual and provisioned over your existing data or Internet connection it is a simple point and click process to add new trunks or sessions.  This makes your planning and optimization process much easier when you know you can quickly add capacity when needed.

Multi-location Business – SIP trunks are a perfect application for multi-site businesses.  Your SIP trunks support all of your office locations.  If you have 3 office locations and each location needs 10 lines, you would only need to provision 30 SIP trunks.  With traditional telephony, you would need to provision separate PRI’s at each location.  So you would have to provision 69 total lines (23 lines or a PRI) to each location.  So with PRI’s you are paying for 39 unused lines or trunks.

Optimum Utilization of Bandwidth – SIP trunks can be provisioned over your existing data or Internet connection.  No need to provision additional lines to support your voice services.  You can combine both your voice and data over a single data or Internet connection optimizing your bandwidth.

Bundle with Long Distance – With SIP trunks you can bundle everything into a fixed rate per month per trunk or session.  When you purchase a SIP trunk your local and long distance are included in the monthly rate per trunk.

Reduce Equipment Costs – When you connect your IP PBX directly to a SIP trunk you eliminate the need for PSTN Gateways or expensive TDM interfaces.

Quality – When you deploy SIP at multiple locations all of your calls stay on-net.  This allows you to have high quality all IP calling between locations.

Feature Functionality – With SIP trunking you are capable of deploying additional feature functionality such as presence, IM, and enterprise mobility services.

Overall there are a number of advantages to deploying SIP trunking.  If you would like more information on the advantages of SIP Trunking or would like a quote for services email info@G12COM.com or call (877) 311-8750.

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