Installation Guide

Your new phone will come preconfigured with G12 Hosted Services.

Installing the Phone

1)    Remove the phone from the box and follow the enclosed instruction manual to install the stand and headset.

2)    Power up the phone by plugging it into a power outlet

3)    Plug the Ethernet cable supplied in the box directly into your network (Internet) connection.  The phone can also share a network (Internet) connection with other devices such as your PC.  If you only have a single network (Internet) connection and need to share the port, connect your phone (via LAN port on phone) directly into the network (Internet) connection and connect the device (PC) into the PC port on your phone.

4)    Once the phone is connected to the network and powered up it will automatically begin a process of establishing itself on the network.  If for any reason the phone does not power up or establish itself on the network, please check the configuration again.  REMEMBER:  The phone needs POWER and an INTERNET connection.

5)    After a few minutes (1 to 5 minutes) the phone should be configured.  The LCD screen on the phone should display a date and time and the phone should have dial tone.  If the phone has dial tone “Congratulations” you are now connected to G12’s Hosted VoIP Platform.

Setting up Voicemail

To access your VM press the message button on your phone or dial 5001.  (The voice mail system will walk you through the setup so you can personalize your G12 Hosted VoIP Service)

The first voice prompt when accessing your voice mail will be to enter your password.  You have been assigned a system password which is included in your welcome emailSo simply enter the password and follow the voice prompts.  (We recommend you change your password by selecting #5, set current options, and then select #1 change password)  Next you will want to personalize your greetings.  The voice prompts to personalize or change greetings are as follows:

    • Press #6 for greetings menu
    • From greeting menu press #1 to record greetings
    • Once you have recorded your greetings your system is operational


Setting up your User Portal

To access your user portal click Login on the G12 website:

It might say “There is a problem with this website’s security certificate” just click “Continue to this website (Not Recommended).

This will take you to your G12 user portal (set this as a favorite on your Web Browser). Once you are in the user portal it will ask you for your user name and password.  Your user name and password is included in your welcome email and user configuration document.

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