G12 Communications is a cloud based provider of unified communication services. G12 was founded by two technology executives with over 30 years of experience in the communications industry.  The founders started G12 based on a vision of making next generation communication services easy to access, cost effective and widely available to all enterprise with a focus on local/state government, education and medical verticals.

In today’s competitive environment, enterprise customers need to stay out in front with the latest advancements in communication technology.  Whether you are a large Fortune 500 business that needs advanced reporting tools for thousands of users, a government agency that needs a slower more controlled migration to PBX, or a small business that needs auto attendant or a user portal, G12 has a solution for you. G12 makes these advanced communication features available to all.

G12 makes the commitment to deliver you the most advanced communication solutions available in the industry at an affordable price.  When you combine our solid value approach with our unique managed migration services, more and more customers trust G12 Communications with their voice.  Call today and see how G12 can enhance your business communications.

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